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Dental Emergency Assistance

What's Covered?

You will be eligible to receive Benefit payments from the Scheme in the following situations, up to the limits shown on the Scheme Benefits Schedule, providing the Scheme Manager (at its sole and absolute discretion) has accepted your request for assistance:

  • The cost of dental treatment by any dentist up to a maximum of £10,000 for any one incident of Dental Trauma;

  • The cost of:
      - Emergency call outs;
      - Pain relief or Emergency Temporary Treatment;

  • A specified amount if you suffer permanent facial disfigurement due to a Dental Trauma;

  • A specified amount if you are diagnosed with Oral Cancer and this is the primary cancer site;

  • Monthly reimbursement of your plan membership cost, if you are made compulsorily redundant.

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These Plans can upgrade to Care Plan Plus

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