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for Kids & Adults

We offer Comprehensive Orthodontic treatment for both kids and adults. This involves fixed brackets and wires which allow us the most amount of control to move the teeth and achieve the best result possible. 

Kids & Orthodontics

The best time to start thinking about treatment for kids is around 10-12yrs old just when they are about to start growing, although we of course treat older kids as well. The treatment on average takes around 2 years with appointments every 6 weeks.

We can get our patients seen quickly so we can treat them as early as possible and get fantastic results.


Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics in adults is one of most popular treatments. sometimes just to straighten the teeth but also as part of a preparatory treatment before veneers or crowns. Using the classic brackets and wires gives us fine control over tooth movements but in many cases clear aligners such as Invisalign can be used to move teeth discreetly. At your assessment the Dentist will explain each option and which is most suitable for you

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